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Coffee Roasting Profiles – what’s it all about?

Roasting coffee transforms the physical & chemical properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee. The roasting process produces the characteristic flavour of coffee by causing the green coffee beans to change in taste.  Long before the fresh green bean hits the Roaster… Characteristics are defined via weather, altitude, and location of the farm and soil type… Notes (parts of flavour) are already established and can become distinctive to each coffee.

Roast types – This can become detailed, so we’ve kept it a quick read and generalised… all in all we hope you understand and help you make informed choices when tasting good coffee.

  • Light – Roasted light brown in colour and also known as Cinnamon Roast, Half City, Light city and New England. We tend to like and it is our twinned preference with medium roasts for speciality coffee as it highlights coffee origins and complexities.
  • Medium – Medium light brown, acidity is slightly subdued, however the original character is still preserved. Chocolates and caramel flavours are evident.  Medium roasts are popular in good coffee shops and is a again a preferred roast option for us.
  • Dark – The range of Dark roasts can be described as; full city, French, Vienna & Italian and can range from medium dark to black shiny.  Natural oils are common and a slight sheen or oil on the surface of the bean can be seen.  Natural flavours are not commonly recognised and are replaced with dark coca and burnt tones become distinct.

Roasting beans add layers of complexity; …for us… (Everyone is different!) A light roast enables the natural flavours to push through, and a darker roast adds notes of caramel to chocolates and smoky tobacco.  Our aim is to roast each batch enhancing as much as the notes and flavour the beans can provide allowing you to recognise the distinctive taste of speciality coffees from around the world.